About Blue Fox Laundry

Quality Work At Perfect Time

Blue Fox Laundry is a Petaling Jaya-based family-owned commercial laundry service with over 15 years of experience. We base our work on knowledge acquired throughout our own experience as well as through the development of new technology. We take pride in ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction because “We care for your laundry like family”.

We have been successfully serving the Klang Valley area, providing unmatched reliability, superior quality and exceptional value. To add convenience, we have the flexibility to pick & drop on either a set schedule or as needed.

We process laundry as per your specifications and aim to maintain a strong and long-term relationship with all our customers. We attribute our personal and professional cleaning approach to our dedicated team. Attention to detail is of paramount importance to customer satisfaction.

Our highly efficiency washers save a significant amount of water and electricity. We are a sustainable, environmentally-conscious business, with a mission to keep laundry clean while ensuring Quality Work at Perfect Time and delivery to your door.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Team
One-Stop Laundry Service
Quality at Exceptional Value
Ethical and Support a Green Earth

Because quality is necessary, we do it at exceptional value.